Forgotten Elms

The Introduction to the Forgotten Elms

Ysayle entered the town of Stone’s Throw and requested to see the local mill master, Oswin. A manservant guard revealed that his master was “temporarily indisposed” and much to her dismay, she was greeted by Oswin’s right-hand man and local town sheriff Burz Kourash. Burz is a tall, one-eyed half-orc that appeared pleasant-enough and explained what he perceived as the situation in town.

Merko, a local scribe and numbersman attempted a “I’m burning down the mill” gag and reproduced an embellished copy of a mill pay wager.

Maggnaar entered the local inn and began conversation with innkeeper and fellow dwarf Drailin. She also met Drailin’s daughter Mendlia, who was cleaning tables. Drailin explained that he and two daughters (the other of whom has an unexplained affliction) are looking to save enough money to someday leave Stone’s Throw and possibly move to Mithral Hall.

A small halfling obviously touched by the magic of the fey, Spithywindle, caught Merko’s attention at the tavern and explained that he was in town looking for his brother Keldo. He later added that his brother is the mayor of the town and he hasn’t heard from him in some time. This story was congruent with what Burz told Ysayle of the mayor, sans the fact that Burz appeared to suddenly realize he hadn’t seen the mayor in roughly a month, whereas Spithywindle seemed very alarmed by Mayor Keldo’s dissapearance. He spoke also of the mayor’s house on the hill, which has appeared dark for some time and has guards perpetually stationed outside of it.

As Ysayle entered the inn, she was greeted by an acquaintance from back in Waterdeep, Jeice Buhr’ter. Jeice is a dark elf of Ysayle’s age who discretely informed her (in Thieve’s Cant) that he arrived in Stone’s Throw for a purpose similar to her own a few weeks ago and felt as though there was something off about the “CUT TREES, NOT WAGES!” protests. As Jeice made his way out, Ysayle eloquently extracted information from two poor saps. They revealed that it seems as though most of the demonstrations and protests began with the town’s half-orc population.

As folks made their way in and out of the tavern, the few that remained shared a large table, where they spoke briefly with shirtless, well-muscled half-orcs Gruk-Gruk and Burtosh. The two were seemingly exhausted from what they would only describe as a “pride in your tribe, cultural” congregation of half-orcs. Marge greeted the tusked gentlemen warmly while others at the table looked as though their drinks had just soured at the sight of them. Burtosh spoke briefly of the protests, citing that they were for the purpose of combating social injustice.

The last visitor was Burz Kourosh, who revealed that he believes the unrest may have been cited by meddling from a group called the Emerald Enclave – a group of individuals that work to protect the wild places of the world. He explained that a very important caravan of lumber and metal was to leave Stone’s Throw for Bursting Beck at first light, but he was afraid that this information had already reached the ears of potential saboteurs. To prevent the caravan from being ambushed, he revealed that he intended to have the caravan leave during the dead of night, asking the gathered adventurers if they would serve as guardians.


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